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Massimo Berruti: A Look Across the Middle East

I have been in Milan last week end, and by chance I went to “Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia”, a photo’s gallery really interesting. There were several exhibitions inside, but I was more attracted from once. The photographer was Massimo Berruti and through his photos he recounted about  Pashtunistan, a crucial hinge region between Pakistan … Continue reading

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If Thomas Mann Was Still Alive

Maybe, in my life, I traveled a little bit, and I saw some dj playing in different cities and in several locations; but nothing compares to Venice. Yes, because when the future meets the past, the result is the present. Venice is not just a tour on a “gondola” or afternoons spent visiting magnetic museums, but also sound, live music, … Continue reading

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A Walk with The Moon

After midnight, Venice transforms into a city of eerie silence. As I walk home, my only follower is the echo of my footsteps. The streets, once filled with life, now sleep in an infinite slumber. I catch the occasional couple, stealing one last goodnight kiss. A group of friends, whispering their secrets in the darkness. The rhythm … Continue reading

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We Are Passengers

We are passengers

and while we walk                                           e mentre camminiamo

following our journey                                        seguendo il nostro viaggio

there is a music                                              c’è una musica

which plays always for us                                che suona sempre per noi


if our life was a movie                                       se la nostra vita fosse un film

maybe, we would not like it                              forse non ci piacerebbe

but we’re gonna try to love its soundtrack          ma cerchiamo almeno di apprezzarne la colonna sonora


                                                                                                                     by  Stefania Tofani

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