About Us

We are the first international group studying our Masters in  Arts Managment at Istituto Europeo Di Design. Over a course of eighteen months, we will be sharing our unique experiences living, exploring, and learning in Venice, Florence, and Rome.

Siamo il primo gruppo del Master in Arts Management dell’Istituto Europeo di Design. In questi 18 mesi racconteremo un’esperienza unica di crescita culturale individuale e di gruppo, vivendo tra Venezia, Firenze e Roma.

Jaspal Birdi
From Toronto, Canada
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Drawing and Painting


Lucia Pedrana
From Venice, Italy
Master in History of Contemporary Art


Sarah Cornejo
From Washington D.C
Bachelor of Graphic Design and Fine Arts


Claudia Arriaga
From Mexico City, Mexico
Bachelor of Business Administration


Laura Casarsa
From Udine,Italy
Bachelor in Economy and Management of the Arts


Stefania Tofani
From Rome, Italy
Master in Fashion Economy


Anna Shvets
From Moscow, Russia
Master in PR and Events Management


Eda Gungor
From Ankara, Turkey
Bachelor in Graphic Design


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