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F’8′ di Gennaio: Florence Defined.


Photo credited to Michele Leccese

Once again, we have to apologize for our lack of posting. This period in Florence has been a very busy one! Aside from all the food consumed this past month (the biggest benefit of the holidays, right?) we, as a class, executed our first outdoor exhibition!

On January 8th, in collaboration with Villa Romana, an art residency here in Florence, we executed a posting event, exhibiting  a piece German artist, Daniel Maier-Reimer, displayed ‘defining’ the city of Florence.

The picture was unveiled in Piazza degli Ottaviani for all of Florence to see until January 12th. He captured his picture, after completing a 5 day long journey on foot around the city. Maier-Reimer will be one of the four artists completing a residency at the Villa in the year 2013.

After a semester of hard work, the first part of our event has been realized. Yes, I did say: first part. We are now working on creating the second part of our event, which will be held in early February. So until then, be patient with our lack of posts…oh yeah, and wish us luck!

-Ascelle Team

Check out the pictures taken at our event by photographer, Michele Leccese. To enlarge pictures, simply click on it 🙂


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