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FINETERRA- a Mediterranean arts festival


A 9 days long festival (July 28th – August 5th) is coming alive the Southern-Italian area of Salento, in Apulia region with events connected with the arts & culture field. This place is a strategic connection point through all countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, in the middle of them for geographical, cultural and common past reasons. FINETERRA (at the end of the Earth) is a great opportunity for all of us to build connection and learn more about our neighbors’ cultural, artistic and political situation.  There will be many changes to see new beautiful places of Salento (gorgeous beaches, historical cities such as Lecce and Otranto, uncontaminated nature), meet at attend to special talks involving some protagonist of Northern African last year revolutions, artists, journalists, and scholars coming from Italy and abroad. Performing arts and live events will be the main part of the Festival, Art has a big role as well. The Contemporary art exhibition “Mediterraneo:incontri e conflitti” (July 27th – August 26th) placed in Gargasole Palace, Gagliano del Capo is  had been curated by Ludovico Pratesi and it’s showing works by international artists such as Kader Attia, Rossella Biscotti, Pascal Hachem, Ahmet Ogut, Adrian Paci, Sislej Xhafa. The city of Otranto based Cantieri Teatrali Koreja will host dance and theatre workshop for professionals and not and the dance show “Meddance: incontri in movimento “ (Paolo Fossa as choreographer)  on August 2nd is going to be performed at Masseria Torcito, at Cannole.
Well recognized italian reporters and journalists such as Toni Capuozzo and Francesca Caferri are going to present round tables and meetings with the protagonists of some important fact. One of the symbol of the Festival is Willis the Cat, a comic novel designed by Nadia, a Tunisian designer internationally known to spread information and political critics by her drawings.


Palazzo Gargasole


Pascal Hachem work “Slow Food”

Music is protagonist of FINETERRA as well, specifically by the Festival soundtrack composed by Eugenio Bennato named Kifaya! which means Stop! It was the cries of protestation during these revolutions.
Fineterra is an event planned by the Province of Lecce and the Mediterranean Culture Institute of the same region. It is also supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture.
All the program, a daily updated newsletter, detailed information and contacts at .


Nadia and her Cat


Willis the Cat

Dal 28 luglio al 5 agosto, nove giorni di eventi per FINETERRA: festival mobile di arti e pensieri del Mediterraneo.
FINETERRA è una Festa Mobile che dura nove giorni in cui il Salento ricerca il senso del proprio essere al centro del Mediterraneo, si pone come luogo – alla fine della terra – in cui I pensieri, le rivolte, le elaborazioni artistiche del mediterraneo convergono. Si incontreranno blogger protagonisti della rivoluzione tunisina come Kerim Bouzouita e i giornalisti italiani come Francesca Caferri e Toni Capuozzo; i giovani fumettisti che hanno raccontato e innescato la fine dei regimi come Nadia e il suo gatto Willis con I protagonisti storici della satira italiana come Emilio Giannelli; la danza di coreografi del calibro di Paolo Fossa e i coreografi egiziani.
Fineterra sarà l’arte, quella della mostra curata da Ludovico Pratesi e Capo d’Arte con opere di Michelangelo Pistoletto ma anche la mostra dei giovani siriani in rivolta contro il regime. Fineterra ha una colonna sonora: Kifaya, brano inedito di Eugenio Bennato, che vuol dire Basta! E’ stato il grido delle piazze, e diventa il ritmo del nuovo mediterraneo.
Fineterra è una “festa mobile” pensata e voluta dalla Provincia di Lecce e dall’Istituto per le Culture Mediterranee della provincia di Lecce con il patrocinio del Ministero della Cultura.
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