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Ses Femmes. Helmut Newton, toujours à Paris

Is in progress, now, in Paris at Grand Palais, the most restrospective never done about Helmut Newton.

The Famous photographer was born in Berlin in 1920, and since he was young he expressed a big interest in photography.

At the age of twelve he has bought his first camera and at 36 years, he worked in Berlin as a photographer.

Due to naziztz restrictions, he was forced to move away from Germany to go, first to Singapore, were he worked for the Straits Times, and after to Sydney, were he had the Austrialian citienship.

It was during the postwar period, that he specialized in fashion and theatre.

In Sydney he opened his first studio, starting to work for Vogue Australia, Vogue UKVogue Paris and harpen’s Bazaar.

But will be in Paris, where Newton will works mostly and for longer; will be the city of Paris to makes  a scenario for his creativity until his death in 2004.

This retrospective, edited by his wife Alice Springs, shows 200 original, vintage and polaroid photos, characterizing his main topics: fashion, theatre and portraits.

Newton the provocateur, the voyeur, the king of “porno-chic”, changed the fashion photography in the era of consumism, creating the Top Model.

His femmes: icy and untouchables with their nudity, between sex and power, show the modernd androgyny not so distant from Coco Chanel icon and the Boudelaire and Raimbaud’s Femmes Fatales.

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by Stefania Tofani


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