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London? Yes We Can


And while yesterday, in Italy, we celabrated the Republic’s Day; today in London something happened…

I suppose everybody still remember The Royal Wedding Street Party in April 2011; it was the biggest neighbours’ day and 1 million people enjoyed street parties.

Today, following the resounding success of The Royal Wedding Street Party , marking 60 years of The Queen’s reign, people were taking part in private neighbours’ street parties in honor of her.


The lunch is just the first thing, this is in addition to thousands of public community events, which will continue tomorrow and on thusday.

But in the est-london, where everything is possible, the youth neverending, and everybody celebrated the Queen and theirself. Free events opened to all as part of ‘The Big Lunch’.

Patriotic, irriverent and actually really cool, the street party has hosted several well-know dj and band, which generally animate  the est-London night life.

Simple things, like food and music today have pepped up London, but the interesting thing, what makes London really fashinating, is its ability to combine the tradition with modernity.

Old and new values coexist, and while in London millions people try to meet their neightbords caming who knows where place in the world, and while they celebrate the Queen in something like 5000 parties, the Queen smiles in her pastel-colored tailleur, whit her guards and her velvet upholstery, celebrates her reign and her peculiar an crazy city.

There is something unexplainable in that city,something magic…however when London calling, we have to replay.

by Stefania Tofani


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