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Travelling or Untravelling?

It usually turns me down when a good exhibition (especially if I want to see specifically that one) does not come to a museum or a gallery in my city, my country or near my whereabouts, in short.

I went to see the Pixar 25th year exhibition in Palazzo Te in Mantua this weekend. I couldn’t postpone it; partly because the exhibition ends on June 10 and partly because I am very fond of Pixar animations, which have followed a childhood of watching every Disney cartoon until ending up knowing each sentence in the scripts, and finally a little because its relation to my graphic design education.

The journey to Mantua took longer than I expected though (two times of changing train, I arrived to the city after about six hours).

Fortunately, the exhibition was really good, I enjoyed it a lot and I also liked the general atmosphere of the city, as much as I could see (The weather forecast had said a thunder was expected in Mantua that day; but the weather turned out to be nice enough to have picnic).

On the way to return, I thought about this travelling exhibition issue. The main reason I went to Mantua was Pixar and if it hadn’t been there, I don’t think I would go there. Not before postponing it for a few months at least.

Before, I was decided that the exhibition must come also to Venice in following weeks, since there are a lot of tourists here etc. But then I would not bother myself going to another city –in this case, Mantua- and miss the chance to see a different place. Maybe it could even be used as a tourist attraction. I know how many times I went to İstanbul, for instance, complaining out of laziness, just to see an exhibition and how I ended up being happy to have come.

(Pixar 25th Year Exhibition displays the process of ‘making of’ (sketches of storyboards, rough renders, character models etc.) of the most famous and beloved animations of Pixar such as Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Wall.E, Finding Nemo, Cars, Ratatouille, The Incredibles.
It is hosted in Palazzo Te until June 10)

By Eda Güngör


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