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SWAB is the most recognized arts fair in Barcelona created to introduce young artists into the international art community. It took place from May 23 to May 26th 2012.

This year it was more impact than its previous editions. SWAB presented a new program focusing on the emerging young artists. The formula that they decided to use was simple: the involvement of the city, the participation of the most impressive young artists and another elements as music, the street art exhibitions, international curators and the social media participation. SWAB Urban, SAWB Off and SWAB Music were the contents of this 2012 edition. This was a new proposal that enhanced the interest of a new kind of visitors.

Complementary activities were present during the program as “The Artists Panel” (conferences where visitors and artists were discussing about the nowadays challenge that the arts world is facing) and “My First Arts Experience” (a series of workshops presented by different galleries).

SWAB 2012 included 65 galleries from more than twenty countries. For this year, the organizers confirmed the visit for more than 20,000 people. They are expecting in future editions to exceed this number of people taking care about the involvement of emerging young talents from all over the world into this amazing arts project.


By Claudia Arriaga


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