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25 Years of Pixar

A few weeks ago, as a class, we had the opportunity to visit the exhibit, 25 Years of Pixar Animation at Palazzo Te in Mantova. Immediately entering the exhibition space, we were greeted by life size models of Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc. The effect of these familiar characters was almost instant! One by one, each of us were flooded by our past memories, as if these lovable characters were coming to life as we once had imagined.

We continued through the retrospective of sketches, paintings, models, and video stills explaining the animation process. With every room more memories

resurfaced as we came in contact with various refined Pixar characters.

Personally, this retrospective reminded me of my childhood and my dreams of working for Pixar one day. As most children growing up in North America, I was guilty of watching a lot of television. One of my favourite channels growing up, YTV (a youth television netw

ork in Canada), used to showcase CGI renditions of famous paintings, the first fully computer-animated series, ReBoot, and the beginnings of 3D animation technology with Pixar’s shorts (also all on display at the exhibit). In many ways, witnessing these animations as a kid, helped to shape my love for the Arts.

During our visit of the Pixar exhibit, we shared the gallery space with an older adult audience and a young school group, all were equally entertained and fascinated by the works on display.

Thank you Pixar for showing the Art of visual storytelling never dies, but instead transforms. 25 years of great animation, stories, and memories to be shared for generations to come. The exhibition runs until June 10th 2012 at Palazzo Te, don’t miss it!

Here is a video still of an astonishing Toy Story Zoetrope inspired by the works of artists Gregory Barsamian and Toshio Iwai. It’s incredible how far the visual quality of 3D animation has come since Toy Story to Toy Story 3.

By: Jaspal Birdi


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