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On May 5th, 2012 there was a celebratration called the Green Night, in Venice. It is an event where all the cities of the Veneto Region transform into a green city -literally. Many different buldings and squares were illuminated with green lights. Around 200,000 people were participating in this European movement.

Seminars, conferences, presentations and artistic performaces were some of the activities that were presented to the visitors: most of them young people. Exploring new projects, new technological proposals to develop, smart green products, green architecture and design, were some of the ideas that, today, the youth are taking care of.

At the end of the night, we also participated in the celebration at Campo Santa Margherita, where a group of young Italian people were singing with an Italian woman playing the guitar. She was performing a list of old Italian songs. The most interesting part  is that everyone was singing these songs; lyrics that were sung and played 60 years ago, by their parents!

Have a look at the video recorded during that serata  and some other videos from these famous old Italian artists.

See video: Serata a Campo Santa Margherita_generale

Original song:

By Claudia Arriaga


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