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Massimo Berruti: A Look Across the Middle East

I have been in Milan last week end, and by chance I went to “Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia”, a photo’s gallery really interesting. There were several exhibitions inside, but I was more attracted from once. The photographer was Massimo Berruti and through his photos he recounted about  Pashtunistan, a crucial hinge region between Pakistan … Continue reading

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SWAB is the most recognized arts fair in Barcelona created to introduce young artists into the international art community. It took place from May 23 to May 26th 2012. This year it was more impact than its previous editions. SWAB presented a new program focusing on the emerging young artists. The formula that they decided … Continue reading

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At the Window – Matteo Pericoli

“Art is to escape from the head: it’s to find a reality despite the head itself” (M. Pericoli). At the Sala delle Colonne (S. Sebastiano building – Ca Foscari University)  in Venice there’s a tiny exhibition composed by a wall full of little drawings. Amazing Artworks made by Matteo Pericoli (Milan, 1968). One little jewel, … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes of BB7

If we’re lucky enough, our whole class is planning to visit the 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art. Unlike the Biennale here in Venice, the Berlin Biennale’s intent is to become an active site for political and social activism. In his manifesto for the Berlin Biennale curator, Polish photo/film artist, activist Artur Żmijewski announces  ‘art doesn’t … Continue reading

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Venetian Waters Hosting AMERICA’S CUP

According to local newspapers, it may be the biggest crowded event in history ever to watch a yacht race basked in the sunshine of the Venice waters. The America`s Cup World Series fleet raced on the Grand Canal. Some of the best sailors in the world were racing last Saturday on what is usually one … Continue reading

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David Kelley: How to Build Your Creative Confidence

This week i’d like to share with you this talk that David Kelley made for TED. We are students of Arts Management, so we know very well that usually people tend to separate the world between the “analitical and rational” side and the “artistic and creative” side. The aim of this talk is to make … Continue reading