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Catch that Train!

Upon arriving to Venice, I had cancelled out the saying “nothing in this world is perfect”, I mean it is Venice afterall…that is until you want to LEAVE Venice. With so many places to see- I was hoping for an easier way to get around and venture around this wonderful country. However, this is when my realization of perfection had been ruined: thank you TrenItalia.

I have several “experiences” I can share, but I am going to focus on one that happened this past Friday with my fellow Ascelle friends. Before I go into details, let me just say that it was very very early in the morning…and my comprehension level (especially in the Italian language) was at an ultimate low. Initially, they wanted to sell us a ticket for 24 euros just to arrive to the city- when online it was 7 euros. Thankfully, we had our Italian speakers with us, and they saved us from getting completely ripped off. Secondly, the tickets had to be stamped by a little machine before getting onto the train…surprise, surprise…they don’t fit into the designated area of the machine—how strange!! Seeing as we were on a time constraint, the doors of the train closing and all of us running to catch the train, I’m sure we were the sight to see that morning. In a blur, we finally caught the train…I was on a serious adrenaline rush, and just remember that one of our courageous classmates ran up to the conductor to get our tickets signed (since the machine was not cooperative) while the rest of us tried to find seats.

After our amazing day, exploring Palazzo Te, and taking a trip down memory lane in the Pixar Exhibition, I totally forgot about the lingering train ride back home (ugh!). Of course, at this point my feet felt like they weighed a million pounds, but I buy myself a pack of amazing lemon biscotti, and prepare for the ride home. We had a transfer at Monscelice…so far the ride was smooth and we were making good timing. We check our transfer, and it says we have to catch our train on binario (platform) number 5. So we start walking towards our binario. there is number: 1, then 2, 3, 4…6? Wait, where is number 5?! Is it non-existing? Do we have to pull a “Harry Potter”, and run through the imaginary platform between 4 and 6?? Will we ever see the water and lights of Venice again??! We start shouting across the railway to other bystanders and ask them about this non-existing platform, and of course… they have changed the platform number without posting it. Ahhh! Finally after an excruciating ride back home, we stop in the wonderful city of Padova, and reward ourselves with a much deserved spritz.

Okay, okay- instead of being a pessimist, here are some tips I can give you to survive an adventure on TrenItalia:

– Bring an Italian friend (for “blending-in” purposes)
– Bring your running shoes (you most likely will need them)
– Dress Light (it gets hot)
– Think Happy Thoughts (lots and lots of them!)
In the end the journey will be worth it!

By: Sarah Cornejo


2 thoughts on “Catch that Train!

  1. Oh Sarah!! I can soooo picture you telling this story out loud! All that running and you didn’t fall? Or trip? Or catch your shoe on something? Please continue writing more adventures!! Love you!

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