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A Magnificent Concert Can Just Happen in a Magnificent City…Venice

Last Saturday Venice hosted an amazing classical concert, performed by Mezzocorona band directed by Guiliano Moser and Cantori Veneziani Chorus directed by Diana D’Alessio, in one of the most recognized gothic churches in the Venetian heritage. Around 8.30 pm, local people and visitors from other countries were waiting to enjoy different classical melodies with surroundings of Tizian’s paintings. Venice is famous for its long tradition of classical music and no matter what season you arrive to the city, there will be a church that hosts a classical music concert.

Frari church usually hosts classical concerts every Friday at 9 pm from May to October and other churches such as San Stefano, San Stea, and the Scuola di San Rocco host changing recitals.

For the art and music lovers this is one of the most interesting activities that the city can offer: to discover an unforgettable side of Venice.

Venetian classical concert

Venetian classical concert

link to see the video: Venetian classical concert

By Claudia Arriaga


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