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Elliott Erwitt, Personal Best.

A piece of American legend has made a visit to Venice.

Elliot Erwitt, the multi-faceted 1928 born photographer, who has managed to promptly capture everything the 20th century has offered, constantly traveling around the world looking for new snapshots, is being displayed in the Casa dei Tre Oci.  Taking pictures for over 60 years, Erwitt often jokes, “Some people think I am dead, because I have been around so long.”It is this wry humor that not only distinguishes his words, but his photos too.

From the minute I walked in the exhibit, I was blown away. He has a way of capturing the audience with satire and comedy. Every picture made me smile yet, made me think of the possible situation he was trying to demonstrate; what his subjects were feeling or doing; the time period they were in.

Emerge in the Magical World of Elliott Erwitt.

To check out more of his works, visit:

By: Sarah Cornejo


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