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Padova is a dynamic student town located at the north of the Veneto region. It is recognizable due to its arcaded streets and its beautiful center which involves you in a medieval context.

The flower and vegetable markets make an unforgettable journey through the town. Find the hidden artist market where you can find fascinate paintings from emerging Italian artists; have a baccalà alla vicentina (traditional dish) in a typical restaurant from the region of Veneto; drink a spritz (one of the most popular drinks in the area) in the Piazza dei Signori, where people use to meet after the sunset. Those are some of the interesting things to do when you are visiting this charming city.

Padova is also known as the capital of Giotto, the Italian artist from the 1300’s. He is known from his frescos that can be appreciated in the Musei Civici and the church of Eremitani, which had been bombed in 1944. Two other interesting churches that deserve a visit are Basilica del Santo (St. Anthony’s Basilica) and Santa Giustina Chuch.

By Claudia Arriaga


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