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Gondolas, Waters, and…Dogs?

Did you know that aside from ornate masks, colorful pasta, endless canals and gondolas, Venice is a city of dogs galore? With no cars or other vehicles in the city, the animals can be found running free through the streets, canals, alleys, bridges, restaurants, and even museums. Even at the Peggy Guggenheim museum, that arts patroness herself is buried next to her 14 beloved dogs. I don’t know if it’s the water, or something in the air in Venice, but maybe it’s time I found myself a little canine friend too.

By: Sarah Cornejo


2 thoughts on “Gondolas, Waters, and…Dogs?

  1. Verissimo Sarah!!
    … si a Venezia ci sono dei bellissimi cani, si trovano ovunque come vedo dalle foto(sono tue?), nelle calli, nei campi, campielli, nei canali…. perché in una città come quella di Venezia, dove lo smog non esiste, i cani stanno bene sono a loro agio e, così facendo, diventano belli!!!!

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