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Sketching Venice part II

Hi everyone! During these weeks we posted about our experience of living in Venice, visits outside the city, impressions, exhibitions, art and fun. Considering the positive feedback received for the post Sketching Venice i decided to introduce a second part. These images indeed, capturing the colours, the light and the atmosphere of this city, are … Continue reading

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A Walk with The Moon

After midnight, Venice transforms into a city of eerie silence. As I walk home, my only follower is the echo of my footsteps. The streets, once filled with life, now sleep in an infinite slumber. I catch the occasional couple, stealing one last goodnight kiss. A group of friends, whispering their secrets in the darkness. The rhythm … Continue reading

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Last  Wednesday April 25th in Venice has been time to celebrate not only the Patron of the City – St. Mark- but also the Italian Independence Day (Liberazione after the 2nd World War). It was the Centenary of the St- Mark’s Bell Tower reconstruction,  here known as “the Master of the house”  (paron de caxa … Continue reading