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Festival del Cinema Italiano

From the 19th to the 23rd in March, in Moscow, there was the “3rd Festival of Italian Cinema: Venice – Moscow,” which presented the work of famous figures of Italian cinema, and the younger generation of Italian filmmakers.
“The Italian program” of the festival is interesting and varied. It includes nine films, most of them participated in last year’s Venice Film Festival. Thus, the audience saw “mainland” Emanuele Krialeze, which was released in cinemas in Russia on March 29. The film is about illegal immigrants from Africa and the fall in the Sicilian island of Lampedusa.

Among other Italian films such as the drama “Quando la notte” from Christina Comencini, light comedy “Scialla!” by Francesco Bruni, affecting the subject of dialogue of religions.

“Il villaggio di cartone” by Ermanno Olmi, debut “L’ultimo terreste” comic book artist Gian Alfonso Pachinotti were also presented to the public.
The film “Nel nome del padre” Marco Bellocchio who received the “Golden Lion of St. Mark,” for his contribution to cinema was shown with great success.
By Anna Shvets


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