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Spring in Venice – Inspiration guaranteed

Creativity in nature

Creativity in nature

It’s getting warmer on the streets and in our hearts. Did you ever think about sources of inspiration? Let’s observe the most untouchable: sounds and smells. Venice in that case can give an impressive variety of them…

Cooing and clapping of the wings of a thousands doves, the signal of an ancient boat, which brought fresh vegetables on the market, the calm lapping of Carabinieri boat waves, the sound of drills (there always something repaired), “chao” – “chao” –  incessant, screaming seagulls, the campanile bells – every half hour, the clatter of small dogs’ nails on the pavement, here are they countless, the sound of luggage wheels, and that elusive sound of spring …

Smells of Venice – coffee, pastries, freshly laundered linen, the perfume of signora curator, who knew Guggenheim Peggy herself, the mix of smells from around the world on the Piazza San Marco, the smell of fabric wallpaper pallazzo Fortuny,  printed invitations “ArteLaguna” exhibition or damp smell of fresh lagoon, the smell of pine trees on St. Helena island , a leather portfolio handmade, the smell of flowers in a greenhouse on Via Garibaldi … It seems that you feel every bud, and as they you are ready to open, with a click, to meet the spring.

Feel the spring – Inspiration guaranteed!

By Anna Shvets


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