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Ciao Sole

Sunset at Canale della Giudecca

Coming from the States, I am accustomed to a fast-paced life. Everything is always on the go: our social life, work, and even our food. So, the transition from D.C. to Venice has been quite the change. It’s nice to actually hear from a friend “Adiamo a fare un giro” which in Italian suggests lets walk around the city, and really do nothing, but possibly grab a coffee or spritz and talk about life. Not that walking around doing nothing is boring, I mean- its Venice! This entire city is an open-air museum and every corner has a piece of history. One day, I met up with a friend to watch the sunset over the Grand Canal. To be honest, I don’t remember the last time I ever did that. So if you’re ever in the city, grab a gelato, panini, or your favorite book walk over to the Grand Canal for the sunset. It is really something to see, and best of all, it’s free

By Sarah Cornejo


2 thoughts on “Ciao Sole

  1. True. I miss those days in Venice. I haven’t stop since I got out of the plane. I hope I can be in Venice soon..

  2. Sarita!! doing big things :). I loved the article! D.C. misses you a lot btw … but I’m sure Venice is amazing!! Un abrazote!

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