What you see is not what you get

March 7th to 20th, 2012

Dario LAZZARETTO artist.

Centro Espositivo Sloveno| San Marco 3073| Italia

Using audio and visual elements, Dario Lazaretto performs an extra sensorial experience. His solo, inspired by the concept of the SOUND OF THOUSAND SCRATCHES, seeks to understand the relationship between the chaotic world  we are living in and the quiet nature that we are forgetting.

Entering an empty exhibition space, I quickly realized that it was not a typical set up of a gallery, but the total the opposite!

My first impression, as I entered the space, was an empty room where I was hearing some noises related to nature with audio effects playing and little spitballs falling down into this room. This motivated my curiosity to discover what was happening upstairs.


Making my way up, I passed through a second room, where the wooded environment whispered a silent message from nature. After this natural experience, I entered a third room, where there is a projection evoking a sense of truth that nature wants to show the world.

Finally, I arrived to the SOUND OF THOUSAND SCRATCHES room, where the artist was performing and representing our world and its nature through drawn images and the manipulation of different sounds.


By Claudia Arriaga


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