HELICOTREMA: listening the art noise
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HELICOTREMA: listening the art noise

On last Friday, June 15th, at Serra dei Giardini in Venice (the old Biennale Glasshouse) took place an audio recorded festival called Helicotrema. Organized by a Venice-based art collective named Blauer Hase, this three days long event tried to make people aware of a different art practice that involves sounds and noises. Supported by a … Continue reading

Evin Collis: “Venezia Doodles”
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Evin Collis: “Venezia Doodles”

The city we inhabit influences how we see and act in our daily lives. It is interesting to see the different ways a city you live in has been interpreted and reflected through Visual Art History, but it can often be more interesting to see how young international Artists illustrate historical cities like Venice. Evin … Continue reading

Awakenings! Awake your soul!
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Awakenings! Awake your soul!

The 8th International Festival of Contemporary Dance, titled Awakenings and directed by Ismael Ivo, will run 8th to 24th June. Two weeks of productions, performances and installations – including 5 world premieres and 5 Italian premieres – as well as lectures, laboratories and master classes with some of the leading figures on the contemporary scene. This weekend I was so … Continue reading

Ses Femmes. Helmut Newton, toujours à Paris
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Ses Femmes. Helmut Newton, toujours à Paris

Is in progress, now, in Paris at Grand Palais, the most restrospective never done about Helmut Newton. The Famous photographer was born in Berlin in 1920, and since he was young he expressed a big interest in photography. At the age of twelve he has bought his first camera and at 36 years, he worked … Continue reading

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New York: Art Travelling on Railways

Going for a walk in New York is something different, especially since 2011. The renewed Central Park is something for chronic sentimental people and dreamers,  nowadays the best walkable in town is High Lane, old elevated railway passing through the old West Side industrial district.  CSX Transportation Company built this railway on 30’s and they … Continue reading

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The Melting Pot

Our time in Venice is winding down and to be honest, one of the most rewarding experiences of this master’s so far has been learning from my fellow classmates. Each one of us comes from  different backgrounds and cultures with different work and life experiences. Browsing through the internet I came across a video documentary, which … Continue reading

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Berlusconi Dead in a Coffin. It’s Just a Work of Art!

  Il sogno degli italiani. This is the title of the art work exhibited at Palazzo Ferrajoli, near Palazzo Chigi in Rome. Silvio Berlusconi is displayed wearing a blue blazer, but with Mickey Mouse slippers, never too serious, also in formal meetings. Always comfortable, even in the coffin. He is amused with a smile on … Continue reading

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This last Tuesday, in Venice, I had the chance to be part of an amazing time in the city…a TANGO experience! Probably most of the people who are living in Venice don’t even know about this great activity. In the summer, you can find different open areas, most of them historic squares, where people are … Continue reading